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Hosting your website can be both expensive and a nuisance, as you need to be sure that your site works properly 365 days a year, 24/7.

You need reliable servers - and equally important reliable back-up servers.

You may also need to make changes to your site if for example you need a new email address adding, or a new product advertising on the front page.

If your website design/hosting company are the wrong choice you can find that these tiny changes can end up costing a lot of extra money.

We offer a flexible and afforable hosting service.

Hosting a small 2-3 page site costs as little as £30 a year.

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We are a small company based between Wigan and Warrington who offer website services SPECIFICALLY to small businesses.

Most of our customers have never had a website before so are looking for a compelte package of help and guidance to get them online for the first time. We therefore keep things very simple

We offer website design and hosting services specifically aimed at small businesses, who want personal attention and assistance in getting an effective online presence

WebsiteMaestro offer a choice of website designs - specifically tailored to your company and its philosophy. We can help you whether you just want a simple single page website advertising your company's existence, to a fully fledged commercial site offering online shopping capabilities.

Our services are reliable, friendly and cost effective. We can also offer hosting for your site at very competitive prices


Our Services

As anyone looking for a website would expect - we offer a wide choice of designs and features as standard. This will ensure;